Wausau Market Update

Market Trends

Sooner or later the snow will end. Hopefully by the end of March so I can enjoy my birthday snow free. Anyways this article blog post isn't about me, it's to give you an insight of what's coming in the next upcoming months as more and more people start listing their homes. If  you plan on listing, list with me and we can get your home sold before you have many competitors who come into the markets in Spring and Summer. I've seen a increased number of sellers since January and don't see a decrease of sellers happening as we get closer to summer. Now for those of you looking to buy isn't this a good thing? It depends on your situation. How soon do you need to move? What is your Pre-approval Status? Most importantly do you need to sell your home before you purchase your next home? These are things that effect your time to buy. Sure, they're are going to be new homes hitting the market, but you never know when YOUR IDEAL home is listed on the market. There will also be more buyers because more people are willing to move when we don't have so much snow and cold weather.  Not only this, but historical trends back the fact that Real Estate markets consistently raises value over time. There is no time like the present to buy, home prices will always continue to rise over time. Wausau, Schofield, Stettin, Rothschild, Weston, and even Rib Mountain have very affordable real estate right now for buyers; and sellers know that listing before April will help put your home in front of more interested home buyers than in May because they will be comparing with more properties than they can now. 

That's the update I have for you on the market around my area in central Wisconsin. Thank you for reading and have a good weekend!

-Pheniox Engum AMAXIMMO Realtor